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Sunday July 19th, 2009

I've been sooooo busy lately! Firstly my Mummies took me to Grandma's house last weekend and I got to eat yummy food and cook with Grandma and play lots. Grandma and I always have heaps of fun together!

And then this weekend my Mummies took me out to a thing they called Teddy Bears Picnic High Tea. I know what a teddy bears picnic is, it's one of my favourite songs! But I didn't know what a high tea was. I was a bit worried because I'm not so big, so if the tea was up high I wasn't going to be able to get it.

Luckily it was okay in the end, they had a little table for teddys like me to reach all the yummy stuff - the snakes and marshmallows and cakes and sammiches! And my friends came, Zoey and Sleepy and their mummy Miss C. HER mummy came too so there were lots of mummies and lots of bears. My Mummy Em and Zoey's mummy Miss C got their face painted but I wasn't allowed.

I was happy to hang out with Zoey and Sleepy and eat food though. I ate soooooo much food and was soooo full but I wanna go again next weekend, can we Mummy, can we?

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Thursday July 2nd, 2009

Wow, my mummies are SO cool, they took me to the movies again on Sunday! I got to see a funny movie, it was called The Proposal. It had a cute lady in it, and she was funny too. I got to sit right there with the popcorn box in my lap and I ate sooooo much that my little tummy hurt.

And then the other day before Sunday I got some new clothes. New jeans, a t-shirt and jacket, and a cool red and black flannelette shirt, like Mummy Em's! And some workboots and beanie and scarf AND THEN another day I got ANOTHER shirt and ANOTHER jacket! I'm all ready for winter cuz I'm not gonna get cold.

Soon we're going down to Grammas again so I'll need my warm clothes for that. It's my bedtime now, gotta snuggle up with Thomas and Fuzz and make sure Thomas gets to sleep okay. Bye!

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Wednesday June 24th,2009

Ohh I've been so sick. First Mummy Em had a cold, so she was on the lounge sleeping and sniffling and cuddling me, and then the next day I was on the lounge sleeping and sniffling and all blocked up. I couldn't go anywhere without a tissue up my sleeve, it was horrible :/

I'm starting to get a bit better now, just a slight nose run, but now I've had my first experience with a cold (which is a silly name because I was hot, not cold!) I don't want another one ever again.

But I think I made Mummy Sandy sick, cuz now she's all sniffly too :/ I better go and give her lots of cuddles, because she gave me lots of cuddles when I was sick and it made me feel better.

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Monday June 15th,2009

On the weekend Mummy Em went away to her friends place for the night and I stayed home with Mummy Sandy coz it was too cold for me to go out at night. I had fun with Mummy Sandy, she let me sleep in the big bed with her and we had lots of cuddles. But I missed Mummy Em too.

Mummy Sandy went shopping on Friday and bought me ugg boots for winter! They are really warm so now my little feet don't get cold. On Saturday she gave me another surprise, she said I looked like I needed cheering up. And I did, I missed Mummy Em. But out of her bag she pulled ... a motorbike!!!!! I'd been wanting it since forever, and my Mummies kept saying 'yes Charley, one day' or 'maybe for your birthday Charley' but I got it as a surprise! I had so much fun riding all around the lounge room on my bike in my leather jacket. You should see it, it's great.

I love my Mummies so much.


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Sunday June 7th,2009

Today was SO much fun!! My mummies took me out to the movies today, I got to have popcorn and coke while watching Star Trek! It was such a cool movie, they had phasers just like the one Mummy Sandy has, and she let me wear her communicator badge so I looked like a real trekkie.

I was the only one that got to go, Fuz and Stunt and Wilson and Ben and everyone else had to stay home, but when I got back I told them ALL about it and now they want to go too. My favourite part of the movie was when the funny sounding guy transported into the water slide and got stuck!

The ship went really really fast which was cool, and there were some funny jokes too, like when the man forgot to take the ships handbrake off. I wanna go see it again. I wanna be in Starfleet!

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Sunday May 24th,2009

Ohh, not feeling too good this morning. Last night Mummy Sandy let me have some friends over for a party! We had doritos, fanta, chippies, and got to dance and watch movies. It was great fun, we even jumped up and down on the bed, and played ghosts with sheets over us! My friend Amy was there, the one that I met at Grandmas last weekend. She lives at the top of the stairs, so I don't get to see her much.

I think I had too much fanta last night, I feel a bit funny this morning, really tired and thirsty. Might just hang out on the lounge and cuddle with Mummy Sandy, and wait for Mummy Em to come home.

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Thursday May 14th, 2009

On the weekend it was mothers day and I got to go to Grandmas for the weekend with Mummy Em and Mummy Sandy. It was so much fun because I got to ride in the car and stay up late and help Grandma do cool stuff like make dinner. I also got lots of attention, although some nice lady kept calling me Harold, which confused me, but I got to sleep in the big bed with my mummies!

On Sunday we had a yummy breakfast with pancakes. I'd never had them before but I liked them! Then I got to wander around outside for a while, I walked down to the water and climbed trees and got to jump up and down on the jetty which is on the water.

It was a great weekend one day when it's warm I wanna go back so I can camp outside. Maybe Grandma can sleep in my tent with me too.

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Monday April 27th, 2009

I got another new outfit today! Mummy Em bought me home a cute long sleeved shirt with a warm vest to go over the top. It's starting to get cold now and I've never been through winter, so I don't know what to expect. My mummies are making sure I stay warm and snugged up, I have my beanie, scarf and mittens all ready too. Soon we're going down to Grandma's for a weekend and it's cold down there so I have to pack all my warm clothes, as well as my sleeping bag to keep me snuggly and warm while I'm sleeping. It's too cold to camp outside in my tent, but Mummy Em said when it's warm again we'll go down and I can camp outside.

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Sunday April 19th, 2009

Mummy Em was sick today, so we spent the day on the lounge watching movies. I saw Star Trek for the first time, and it was great! I want to be just like Captain Picard when I grow up, with the red uniform and badge that lets you talk to anyone. But I want to keep my hair.

Mummy Sandy let me borrow her Starfleet communication badge to play with, and that was fun. I pretended to be on a big ship in space, calling people with my badge!

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Thursday April 16th, 2009

Last night some of my ebay purchases arrived in the mail - my superman jammies! The nice lady also gave me a cool soccer outfit as a surprise gift. I was SO excited to get them that I put them both on straight away (well, not at the same time). Mummy Sandy said she'd get the soccer ball full of air again so I can go out to the park and kick it around on the weekend in my new uniform. I wonder if I'll be allowed to join a team? Surely there would be a team for little bunny-bears?

I slept in my superman jammies last night, I never want to take them off! Mummy said I can't wear them when I go out with her tomorrow, but I can wear the shirt with jeans and pretend it's a normal t-shirt. No one else will know it's my pyjamas!

Today I'm not doing much, just hanging out at home with Tigger, Cousin Stunt and Wilson, watching TV and doing a bit of coloring in. Ahhh, the life of a bunny-bear.

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Tuesday April 14th, 2009

Tonight Mummy Em sat me down in front of her laptop. I thought we were going to play on Ebay, or at least take some photos of me using the webcam, but no. She showed me this new pretty brown and blue website, and told me she wanted me to write something, because it's a website for ME, all about ME! Who knew. I know Mummy Em has her own website, but I didn't know little bunny-bears could have them too.

Apparently this place is where I write exciting stuff I've done during the day, or things I'm going to do. sometimes I have trouble typing, the keys are too close together for my little paws, so if I spell some things wrong, I'm sorry. Also sometimes I don't know what the proper word for things is, like I only learnt yesterday that the thing on the wall with the little stick going around and around and around and around (making me dizzy!!) is called a clock. So if I need to say something and don't know the word, I'll get Mummy Em or Mummy Sandy to help me out, but apart from that this is MINE and only I'M allowed to write in it, not them!

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