Photos from when I went on holidays to Byron Bay in March 2009

Earlier this year I went on holidays with my mummies to this cool place called Byron Bay. There was lots of great stuff to do, and there was a beach AND a pool!

This is me sitting on my suitcase waiting at the airport

Here I am checking in at the airline

Going through the x-ray was scary coz Mummy Em couldn't come with me, but I was ok and didn't make it beep

I had to choose a magazine to take on the plane, but Mummy wouldn't let me have this one!

For breakfast I got hot chocolate and toast, yum

Waiting patiently for the plane to arrive

Watching the planes

A family photo on the plane, we haven't left the ground yet though

NOW we are in the sky, I'm holding on very tightly and trying not to be scared!

When I woke up the next morning I was in my own room on holidays

It took me a while to get out of bed though, it was a big day yesterday for a little bunny!

when I got up I had some toast for breakfast

Then I had a bath

Later in the afternoon I did a spot of bird-watching

Getting ready for bed that night I got a bit stuck!

Ahhhhh!! Mummmmmy, help!!! Stuuuuuck!

The next day I took it easy, starting off with a trip to the gym

Then it was back home for a relaxing afternoon colouring in

The gym session really wore me out, I fell asleep in my chair later that afternoon!

Finally the weather was nice enough for us to spend the day out by the spa

This is me and Mummy Em relaxing in the sun together (that's a picture of ME that Mummy Sandy drew on her leg!)

Being in the sun for too long isn't good for me, so I moved to the shade with my book

For a while I watched Mummy Sandy draw pictures for me

Mummy Em gave me a tattoo, which is a butterfly like hers

The new day was beach day, yaay!

I'd never been to the beach before, I was very excited

I started chasing after some people, they looked friendly and I wanted to play

They walked a lot faster than me, so they got away, but I had a great time looking at the water and all the sand

A bit of a sunbakeing was in order

Then a dip in the water to cool off

The next day I went into town shopping with my Mummies. I got to play in the hammock!

And I wanted to take this house home with me

Later on I got to play in the park. This is me on the slide

And then playing on the swings, wheeee

I got to spend my pocket money in this shop

This is what I bought with my pocket money - a pretty necklace. And my mummies bought me the shirt, they said it waas 'very byron', whatever that means

Before I knew it, it was time to go home, so I helped pack up all our clothes

Then we had to wait for the bus to come and take us to where the planes are