Photos from my day to day life

This is me on the day my mummies bought me home

I'm sitting on Tigger coz I didn't want him in the photo!

Here I am playing neopets on Mummy Em's laptop

Tigger and I like to sit on the lounge and watch TV together

Mummy Sandy lets me have doritos, they are my favourite food

This is me on the bus going to the shops, I get a seat all on my own

I got a new outfit, and a new pair of shoes, aren't they cute?

Chillin on the lounge with Mummy Sandy after a hard day

Mummy Em took a photo of me when I was playing with the webcam!

Isn't my shirt just so cute?

My new bed!!!!!!!!!!

I have my wetsuit all ready to go, but my mummies won't let me into the fish tank :/

This is my first time at the movies. I got popcorn for the first time and it was YUMMEEE!

Waiting eagerly for the movie to start

My new outfit, all ready for if I have to go to work with my mummies one day

This is me playing in the shopping bag - byebye Mummy, off to the shops now

I got a new hoody! Isn't it great? Oh, and my superman jammies *giggles*

I'm so cuddly in my new bathrobe that even Tigger wanted cuddles

Aren't I adorable?