Photos from when I went to the Teddy Bears Picnic High Tea on July 18 2009

When we got up in the morning, Mummy Em laid out my clothes for me.

And Mummy Sandy gave me my bath and then made sure I was all dry and fluffy.

I was all dressed and posed for a photo.

While we were waiting for our friends to arrive, I tried to figure out what this was for.

Mummy and I while we were waiting for the bus.

On the bus I had to hang on tight or else I would have fallen over!

When we arrived I sat down to catch my breath and have a glass of champagne.

Then it was straight into the yummy stuff! This meringue with strawberries and cream was soooo good.

But the heart shaped chocolate mooose was also pretty good.

I needed a break for a while, let my tummy find more room for food.

This is my new friend Zoey, with her friend Sleepy and human Miss C.

Me and Zoey having a cuddle.

Mummy Sandy and I were dressed alike, we looked so cute together!

Miss C and Sleepy posing for a photo (all facepainted too!)

At the end Mummy Em got her facepainted too, and so did Miss C! I wasn't allowed, but Mummy's was so pretty.

Soon it was time to go home, but first we needed a group photo.

By the time I got home I was sooooo tired, too tired to even take my shoes off before I fell into bed. I had a fantastic day and want another party soon!