Photos from when I went out to dinner with all my family on June 11, 2009

I took a while to go through the menu to decide what I wanted to eat

While I waited for my food to arrived I had some olives and nuts

And a glass of wine too

I got really hungry so I stole a chilli off Grandma's plate

Awww my Gramma loves me!

She tried to give me some eggplant, but spilled it all down my shirt. She's funny.

After dinner we sat back, relaxing with another glass of wine *hic*

It seems I've got the taste for the sweet sweet golden liquid...

I was making funny faces at Mummy Em, making her laugh

Ice-cream for Charley bunny!

Grandpa and me posing for a photo

This confused me. Mummy Sandy called it a hooker, but it doesn't look like any hooker I've ever seen!