Photos from when Mummy Sandy threw me a party on May 23, 2009

Mummy Sandy bought us all these cool glasses, so we needed a photo of us!

Everyone started dancing and mingling, with a little food being passed around.

All of us were having a great time. Dipsy was there, so was Tigger and Lilo and Wilson and Amy!

The night started to heat up, Amy and I were getting on very well, I met her at Grandmas the week before, so it was great to see her again.

Cousin Stunt was just hanging out, keeping an eye on us all, being cool in his sunnies.

Woot! Mummy Sandy let us have the hard stuff - Doritos and Fanta! The night really started kicking after that.

As it got later and darker, the disco ball started throwing little dots of light over the place, it looked really cool.

See the great little dots chasing me around the room? What'dya mean they aren't chasing me? They were!!!

That girl really knows how to dance!

Stunt seemed a bit tired, just hanging back, taking in all the pretty lights.

I really think he's asleep under those glasses.

Amy was having a great time, dancing with Lilo and Dipsy. She's a great friend.

After a hard few hours of dancing, eating, drinking and fun, we settled onto the lounge to watch Alien: Resurrection. It was a scary movie and I kept having to cover my eyes.

Once the movie was over we all went upstairs to bed, but jumping on it looked like a lot more fun than sleeping in it!

Then Tigger had an idea that we could all play ghosts, like they do on that TV ad! It was so much fun