Photos from when I spent Mothers Day at Grandmas May 9-10, 2009

Firstly I got to go to work with Mummy Em

And got to see Grandma's desk

Then when Mummy Em wasn't watching I found the photocopier *giggle*

When we finally got to Grandma's I found this lovely girl named Amy

This is me showing off the view from Grandma's house

I helped Grandma make dinner!

And then I was stirring the sauce

It was all just so tiring...

This is me pretending to be Grandma, with her champagne glass and her glasses

I had a bath the next morning and sort of flooded the room with bubbles, oops

But then we had a lovely Mother's Day breakfast

After brekkie I needed some quiet time out on the water

Then I took Mummy Sandy for a walk

And showed her how well I can climb trees

It was a long walk back up to the house from the water

But I finally made it

On my way into the house I ran into this lovely fellow and stopped for a chat

I also snuck a muffin from the tray Grandma just pulled out of the oven

She told me there was there some ice-cream in here to go with my muffin!

Mummy Em started playing around with the laptop and took this family photo

And this cute one of me and her

I couldn't figure out what made the pictures come out, so i went for a closer look

And closer again

Nup, still can't figure it out!

After all that excitement it was time to go home

Byebye Grandma!